Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Dress

Well the weather is finally getting warmer here in Calgary after a tremendously long and cold winter. It's only my first winter here, but all the long-term residents are telling me that this is the coldest they've had in a long time, lucky me eh? My first taste of Winter and it's abysmal, ah well, at least I know I can tough it out!

The thing about me is that I don't love the hot weather, I actually don't really like anything over +23(celsius); it's simply to hot for me. So when this newest Chinook rolled in with a pleasent +10 yesterday I decided it was the perfect time to ditch the dress pants and put on my favorite Spring work dress.
I love this dress because its light, airy and hi-low; I just adore hi-low dresses I think they are flattering, fun, flirty and all around gorgeous! I got this dress over at last season and I find it time-less. The light grey-purple colour makes it wearable during any season and it accents wonderful with bright colours, mellow tones or darker shades. It's versatile! I've enjoyed so many different styles with it already. I paired it with my nude peep-toe heels and a dark Guess denim jacket (sorry, no pic!) Needless to say I was feeling comfortable and pretty in my first Spring outfit!
*sorry about the awful picture quality, I'll get better ones soon! Promise :)

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